The Framax born in 2015, from 'EXPERIENCE twentieth anniversary of its creators. Licensees of Gian Marco Venturi brand suitcases and trolleys for travel, designer bags and cosmetic bag, shopping carts, computer items and door men phones, we import and market a wide range of products that ensure comfort, functionality and design , able to satisfy the most demanding customers even better. Our company has a significant operational structure which makes use of specialized human resources in the luggage industry. The main characteristics that distinguish us are definitely the ENTHUSIASM, with which we operate by giving all of ourselves, CREATIVITY 'in carrying out our activities, providing the talent and knowledge to ensure the customer a product carefully tended, from the most classic to the most fashionable. The result is a company that operates with POSITIVITY 'PASSION and ensuring the reliability of its products. All these features send to the customer in today's trip, be it for leisure or business, our passion in having designed an exclusive product. #ioviaggiogianmarcoventuri